About us

The Foodram Philosophy

Food Ram Ltd was founded in 1991 in Cyprus and by today counts numerous successful international partnerships. Food Ram specializes in the application of Functional Raw Material in the food & drink industry. The company’s product categories are Cake and Bread Improvers, Cake Gel Emulsifiers, Pastry Creams, Drink concentrates stabilizers and Fruit Drink Powders. Food Ram Ltd is a quality-centered, customer-oriented company, committed to innovation, providing its clients with improved premixes which are used for developing high quality and unique products.

In Foodram we invest in our relationship with the customer. Successful partnership is based on mutual trust and alignment of interests towards achieving the customer’s goals.


The company’s R&D scientific team has high levels of expertise and professionalism and offers full knowhow and support throughout the formulation and production process, until the final product meets the partner’s expectations. We share our experience and expertise with your team and we commit to achieve optimum formulation and production that meets your requirements and standards, as well as the needs of the market you are targeting. We are by your side all the way, step by step and we aim for excellence.

In Foodram we don’t just offer products. We offer you experience and expertise, unlimited time and devotion to you and your products.  We offer complete custom solutions tailored on your business. We are the secret ingredient in the recipe for excellence and success.


Together we can make it better!